Execute God's plan for your life

Actions : Execute God's plan for your life

Execute God's plan for your life
1. Write a clear vision! Others can only help you execute what they understand.
2. Be excellent! Your reputation will determine which doors open for you.
3. Be patient! Big visions need deep foundations so they can stand the test of time.
4. Get your heart right! When God is pleased with your heart, He’ll promote your vision.
5. Ask for help! Don’t try to go solo because you won’t make it alone, no matter how hard you work.
6. Help someone else! If you don’t extend a helping hand, it won’t happen for you.
7. Put first things first! Take care of God’s business and He’ll take care of your own.

1. Above all, know your Bible and saturate your mind with it.
2. Know your gifts and know yourself.
3. Ponder the need of the world.
4. Read missionary biography and missionary frontline stories.
5. Inquire of your soul, "Where are you burdened for others?"
6. Know your circumstances.
7. Pray for God to throw you where you can be best used for his glory.
8. Do not neglect passionate, Christ-exalting, corporate worship.
9. Listen humbly to the spiritual people in your life.
10. Cultivate absolute surrender of all you are and have to Christ.