Give your full attention to someone for a day

Actions : Give your full attention to someone for a day

Give your full attention to someone for a day
Most of us are sensitive to whether others are giving us their attention. And we know how it feels not to have another person’s full attention when we’re talking to them. We can feel discounted, disregarded and it’s almost certain that we will not have a significant connection with them. Conversely, we know how satisfying it is when others attend carefully to us. When you give someone your undivided attention, you’re sending a message that they are worthy of it.

1.Open yourself and listen
You convey to them that you are noticing, concentrating, focusing on what they are saying and feeling–both verbally and non-verbally. By listening, you get into their shoes, understand their frame of reference, different though it may be from your own.
It’s important for everyone to feel understood, to feel heard.

2.Notice people
Starting now, experiment today by observing your ability to give each person and each activity your full attention. When you notice yourself being distracted, without judging yourself for it, try to filter out everything except the person in front of you or the task at hand and give it your complete attention.