Give time

Actions : Give time

Give time for yourself
In our present life, events switch faster and faster. Everything happens faster. And before we know, time controls us. We do not control time anymore. We loose our master-ship over time. Because there is always so much happening and we have the perception that we have less and less time, we are in the reactive mode. It seems we have lost the ability to think before we act.
If you want to be a person who is guided by more conscious choices, you need to look how you use time now. Do you have time for yourself to relax? Do you have time between one meeting and another meeting? Do you have time between one event and the other? Do you plan your time to relax? If your answer is negative then it is good to give yourself a gift.
Give yourself time. Give yourself time as a gift. Time is essential to develop a feeling of happiness. Time is the foundation of a comfortable life. Try to give yourself time and to use this time to make choices from consciousness. If you get three invitations in one day, you do not have to go to all these three invitations. You can choose to go to only one and the time remaining you give to yourself. This will slow you down. A slower pace allows more room for yourself, for space-conscious choices.
If you want to organize more quality in your life, you can start to give yourself time. You give yourself quality time. If you do this, you will reduce speed and thus you will be able to more conscious and wiser decisions.