Invite a friend to a church event

Actions : Invite a friend to a church event

Invite a friend to a church event
How to invite a friend to church (or church-y event):
Appeal to God’s promise to soften hearts to the gospel (Ezekiel:11:19And I will give them a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in them; and I will take the heart of stone out of their flesh and give them a heart of flesh:See All...) and ask God to open a door to opportunities with those you know. (Colossians:4:3And making prayer for us, that God may give us an open door for the preaching of the word, the secret of Christ, for which I am now in chains;See All...)
Invite those you know into your life long before inviting them to church. Unbelieving friends have lots to offer us, they are a good gift from God and God calls us to love our neighbours, even if we don’t always get to explicitly kick goals in sharing the gospel or inviting them to something.
I recommend this idea a lot as a top tip in personal evangelism, mainly because I think it affirms us that we don’t have to do it alone. God has richly blessed us with church family to partner with us. Seek out ways to introduce those you know to others at church (try a new restaurant together, take your kids on a play date or the have birthday drinks who’d say no to celebrating your birthday with you). And if your friends connect well, hang out again. Hopefully when those you know do rock up to church they’ll see a sea of familiar faces.
Many of our friends have skewed ideas about church or just have no idea what goes on here. I believe the more we talk about church; the more we help demystify church and break down misconceptions. Help those you know see that church is about getting to know God and his people, not rules and tradition. Talk about the benefits of belonging. Share about the exciting ministries and lives you are involved in.
‘Hey, what are you doing Sunday night, want to come along to church with me?’If they say no, don’t become discouraged and don’t give up. Continue to be their friend, and wait for other opportunities to arise. When the timing seems right, ask them again.

5 Ways To Invite Friends To Church Without Being Too Pushy And Scaring Them Away
1.)Talk About Jesus
. If you talk about Jesus on a regular basis people will pick up on it and begin to ask. That's a great time to invite them to your church. Just by talking about Jesus regularly you are "planting seeds" and you may not even realize it. So please, praise the name of Jesus in your daily activities.
2.)Talk About The Sermon With Your Friends On Monday
Talk a little bit about the sermon you heard on Sunday. Mention how the preacher made a really good point about a specific topic.
3.) Invite Your Friends To Special Events At Your Church
If your church has a special event then ask your friends to come along. The great thing is you don't have to be a Christian or a member of the church to go. It's open to everyone. Tell your friends about it. It's a nice way to invite your friends to church and show them the "Church People" really do have fun.
4.) Write Your Friend A "Hand Written" Invitation
5.) Invite Your Friend(s) To Your Home For Dinner
We all enjoy having our friends over for dinner talking and laughing together. If you are like most Christian families then you say a prayer of thanksgiving before you eat your meal. This simple thanksgiving prayer can sow a seed in your friend who may or may not know the Lord.