Actions : Love

7 Ways to Love Like Jesus

1.Love by Association: Every single one of us are on this journey together.
2.Love with Affection:Show your love through affection. Smiling at strangers, holding some one's hand during a hard time, giving a hug--are just a few ways of loving someone affectionately.
3.Love by Toleration :Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.
4.Love by Communication: Communicate with those around you. Do not just hear what they have to say, but actually listen. Do not just talk to them, talk with them.
5.Love by Celebration:Genuinely be happy for your neighbors when they achieve something, or reach a goal. Do not be jealous or have resentment, this is not a form of loving.
6.Love with Sympathy: When you really love someone else, seeing them hurt, hurts you. By being able to cry with someone, and support them in despair is a profound way of loving someone else.
7.Love in Peace : Live in harmony with one another, do not be snobby, conceited, or boastful. Be open and readily adjustable to people different from yourself. Be humble.