Have lunch with Jesus

Actions : Have lunch with Jesus

Have lunch with Jesus
-Insufficient from the hands of the insignificant became sufficient and significant when placed in the hands of Jesus. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have so little to offer that you might as well not even bring it to God, because God can do a lot with a little. You just put it into His hands.
-Don't be overwhelmed.God has the answer and you need to commit the situation to him in prayer.
-There are things that God can teach us in our lives, but he has to reteach us the same lessons.
-When you take your life and offer it to God, watch what God can do when he gets hold of it. You might wonder, Well, what will I do if this happens? How would I handle it if this kind of crisis happened in my life? Or what would I do if this situation came up or this opportunity arose?
-God will give you what you need when that time comes. But for right now, he will give you what you need. So you just bring your loaves and fishes to Jesus.