Obey God's commandments

Actions : Obey God's commandments

Obey God's commandments
1.Develop a sincere fear of God. That is, respect and honor God, God's word and God's ways. Understand that God is the creator. God made us. We did not make ourselves.
2.Seek to please God, not people. Overall, people will always give you a hard time for choosing to serve and obey God, your Creator. Therefore, you must make a decision that it is certainly better to obey God rather than man.
3.Read the Word of God; the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible consists of God's words and instructions. It also consists of God's expectations for us. Learning of God by reading God's word will help you to know how to obey God.
4.Pick a certain time daily and a special place for prayer and worship. This is vitally important in getting to know God better. The more that you converse with God, the closer you will become to your creator which will result in a greater desire to submit to God and to obey your heavenly father and creator.
5.Practice waiting in God's presence after reading the word of God and worshiping God. In doing this, you will begin to develop an ear for God's voice and will receive word and revelations from God and even instructions.
6.Obey God immediately when God gives you an instruction. Instruction not only comes through the written word in the Bible, but may also come in many other ways such as through others who are reputable and have a genuine relationship with God or even through God speaking to you directly. The important thing is to obey God's instructions