Spread the Good News of the Gospel

Actions : Spread the Good News of the Gospel

Spread the Good News of the Gospel
1.Pray: Start by praying for the unsaved people in your own sphere of relationships: your friends, family, coworkers. Pray for their salvation, for the Holy Spirit to work on their hearts. Pray for the opportunity to start an evangelistic conversation, and that God would enable you to speak his word “with great boldness” (Acts:4:29).
2.Get Outside the Bubble: Evangelism can be difficult simply because interactions with unbelievers are hard to come by.
3.Connect Over Shared Longings:Sharing the gospel shouldn't feel like communicating something alien, abstract and remote to one’s humanity.
4. Ask Good Questions: There are many ways to begin a gospel conversation
5.Share Your Story: Each of us has a story to tell about how Christ has changed our lives
6.Don’t Stress About It: