Talk about Jesus for a whole day

Actions : Talk about Jesus for a whole day

Talk about Jesus for a whole day
1.Overflow of Your Heart Rule:
The Bible says, “Out of the overflow of your heart your mouth speaks.” This rule works for everything. If your heart is bitter, unforgiving, skeptical, fearful,…etc. your words will reflect this!
2. Be Aware:
Realize that every day God really does have someone for you to share Him with. Ask Him throughout the day who that person/s is! Life is pretty pointless if we aren't sharing Jesus, and God doesn't have a pointless life in store of you.
3. Know Your Testimony.
Ask yourself these questions-
-What has Jesus saved me from?
-What has Jesus done in my life?
-How has his love changed me?
-What does my relationship with Him look like?
4.Small Talk:
Serve in a local church and be a part of a smaller Christian community. This is important because you will be around people who talk about Jesus. They will ask you questions about Jesus. It’s good practice and it’s good input. Good input creates good output.
5. Evaluate What You Depend On:
For strength, peace, joy, hope, in good times, and in bad times depend on Jesus Christ. If you already do, take note of that. At some point someone is going to comment, “Why are you so happy?” “How can you have strength when things are so bad?” Jesus is your answer.
6. Pain:
Pain is a universal language. Pain is the reason that Jesus came, to save us and set us free. When you see pain, you should see a conversation about Jesus. You should see how he answers and heals all of our pain when we come to Him.
7.Good Advice:
If you are a Christian you will be asked for advice. The wisdom and peace and confidence of Jesus compel others to ask for your advice when you need it the most.Jesus really is the answer to any problem. Look past the outside and go straight for the issues of the heart. Jesus is always the answer to the longings of the heart.
8. Nature:
“The heavens declare the glory of the Lord.” Nature is always a pointing towards redemption, a move from death to life in Jesus. Creation sings the praise of our Creator. It’s an easy proclamation of Christ; use it!
9. Romance:
Romance tells the story of Jesus. The Bible says that marriage is a picture, a metaphor, of the love of Christ. (Ephesians 5) Unfortunately in the broken world there is so much brokenness in the name of love. Luckily Jesus’ love is the perfect love and answer to every broken heart.
10. Conversation Starters and Follow Up Questions:
Come up with your most comfortable way to start conversations about Jesus with new people, and use it frequently. They can be as simple as:
“What do you believe about God/Jesus?- Would you like to hear what I believe?” ,
“Do you attend church?- Would you like to go with me some time?”,
“What are you passionate about?- Why are you passionate about that?” ,
“What is your story?- Would you like to hear my story?” ,
“What/where do you feel like your purpose in life comes from?- What is your purpose?” ,
“Do you know Jesus?- Can I tell you about Him?”

Now start talking!