Teach someone a skill that you have

Actions : Teach someone a skill that you have

Teach someone a skill that you have 1.Preparation: To obtain the necessary equipment and supplies in sufficient quantity so that the skill can be demonstrated, taught, and practiced. 2.Explanation:Serves two purposes: (1) to introduce the subject by giving some background about its usefulness and application; and (2) to describe the subject in a simple and complete way. 3.Demonstration:This is where you actually show how to do the skill. You need to demonstrate each step slowly and clearly so that the learners can easily follow you and gain confidence in their own ability to acquire this skill. 4.Practice:This is the heart of teaching a skill to others. In this step, the learners try out the skill under your guidance and careful coaching. Learners should have enough opportunity to try the skill so that they feel comfortable and confident. 5.Application:This final step gives learners the chance to demonstrate this skill to someone else. They become the teacher. You are still there in the role of a coach to provide help when necessary.This last step should give learners the awareness that they are ready to use this skill in actual situations.