Original Verse:
Genesis Chapter 28 Verse 12And he had a dream, and in his dream he saw steps stretching from earth to heaven, and the angels of God were going up and down on them.

Reference Verses:
Numbers Chapter 12 Verse 6And he said, Now give ear to my words: if there is a prophet among you I will give him knowledge of myself in a vision and will let my words come to him in a dream.
John Chapter 1 Verse 51And he said to him, Truly I say to you all, You will see heaven opening and God's angels going up and coming down on the Son of man.
Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 19But when Herod was dead, an angel of the Lord came in a dream to Joseph in Egypt,
Genesis Chapter 32 Verse 1And on his way Jacob came face to face with the angels of God.
Job Chapter 4 Verse 12-21 [12] A word was given to me secretly, and the low sound of it came to my ears. [13] In troubled thoughts from visions of the night, when deep sleep comes on men, [14] Fear came on me and shaking, and my bones were full of trouble; [15] And a breath was moving over my face; the hair of my flesh became stiff: [16] Something was present before me, but I was not able to see it clearly; there was a form before my eyes: a quiet voice came to my ears, saying: [17] May a man be upright before God? or a man be clean before his Maker? [18] Truly, he puts no faith in his servants, and he sees error in his angels; [19] How much more those living in houses of earth, whose bases are in the dust! They are crushed more quickly than an insect; [20] Between morning and evening they are completely broken; they come to an end for ever, and no one takes note. [21] If their tent-cord is pulled up, do they not come to an end, and without wisdom?
Matthew Chapter 1 Verse 20But when he was giving thought to these things, an angel of the Lord came to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, son of David, have no fear of taking Mary as your wife; because that which is in her body is of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 13And when they had gone, an angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream, saying, Get up and take the young child and his mother, and go into Egypt, and do not go from there till I give you word; for Herod will be searching for the young child to put him to death.
Genesis Chapter 37 Verse 5-11 [5] Now Joseph had a dream, and he gave his brothers an account of it, which made their hate greater than ever. [6] And he said to them, Let me give you the story of my dream. [7] We were in the field, getting the grain stems together, and my grain kept upright, and yours came round and went down on the earth before mine. [8] And his brothers said to him, Are you to be our king? will you have authority over us? And because of his dream and his words, their hate for him became greater than ever. [9] Then he had another dream, and gave his brothers an account of it, saying, I have had another dream: the sun and the moon and eleven stars gave honour to me. [10] And he gave word of it to his father and his brothers; but his father protesting said, What sort of a dream is this? am I and your mother and your brothers to go down on our faces to the earth before you? [11] And his brothers were full of envy; but his father kept his words in mind.
Genesis Chapter 32 Verse 2And when he saw them he said, This is the army of God: so he gave that place the name of Mahanaim.
Genesis Chapter 15 Verse 1After these things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Have no fear, Abram: I will keep you safe, and great will be your reward.
Genesis Chapter 15 Verse 12Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep came on Abram, and a dark cloud of fear.
Genesis Chapter 20 Verse 3But God came to Abimelech in a dream in the night, and said to him, Truly you are a dead man because of the woman whom you have taken; for she is a man's wife.
Genesis Chapter 20 Verse 6And God said to him in the dream, I see that you have done this with an upright heart, and I have kept you from sinning against me: for this reason I did not let you come near her.
Genesis Chapter 20 Verse 7So now, give the man back his wife, for he is a prophet, and let him say a prayer for you, so your life may be safe: but if you do not give her back, be certain that death will come to you and all your house.
Job Chapter 33 Verse 15In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep comes on men, while they take their rest on their beds;
Job Chapter 33 Verse 16Then he makes his secrets clear to men, so that they are full of fear at what they see;
Daniel Chapter 7 Verse 1In the first year of Belshazzar, king of Babylon, Daniel saw a dream, and visions came into his head on his bed: then he put the dream in writing.
Matthew Chapter 2 Verse 12And it was made clear to them by God in a dream that they were not to go back to Herod; so they went into their country by another way.
Hebrews Chapter 1 Verse 1In times past the word of God came to our fathers through the prophets, in different parts and in different ways;
2nd Chronicles Chapter 16 Verse 9For the eyes of the Lord go this way and that, through all the earth, letting it be seen that he is the strong support of those whose hearts are true to him. In this you have done foolishly, for from now you will have wars.
Isaiah Chapter 41 Verse 10Have no fear, for I am with you; do not be looking about in trouble, for I am your God; I will give you strength, yes, I will be your helper; yes, my true right hand will be your support.
2nd Timothy Chapter 4 Verse 16At my first meeting with my judges, no one took my part, but all went away from me. May it not be put to their account.
2nd Timothy Chapter 4 Verse 17But the Lord was by my side and gave me strength; so that through me the news might be given out in full measure, and all the Gentiles might give ear: and I was taken out of the mouth of the lion.
Hebrews Chapter 1 Verse 14Are they not all helping spirits, who are sent out as servants to those whose heritage will be salvation?