Original Verse:
Hebrews Chapter 6 Verse 3Now we will do this, if God lets us.

Reference Verses:
1st Corinthians Chapter 16 Verse 7For it is not my desire to see you now, on my way; because it is my hope to be with you for some time, if that is the Lord's pleasure.
1st Corinthians Chapter 4 Verse 19But I will come to you in a short time, if it is pleasing to the Lord, and I will take note, not of the word of those who are full of pride, but of the power.
James Chapter 4 Verse 15But the right thing to say would be, If it is the Lord's pleasure and if we are still living, we will do this and that.
Romans Chapter 15 Verse 32So that I may come to you in joy by the good pleasure of God, and have rest with you.
Acts Chapter 18 Verse 21And went from them, saying, I will come back to you if God lets me; and he took ship from Ephesus.