Faith is a fundamental requisite as it is impossible to please God without faith.

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Baptism Armour Activate Reap Act
Baptism Armour Activate Reap Act

Baptism is a typical act that confirms your faith in front of others. Jesus was also baptized.

We face a spiritual war and the servants of God must be ready for battle by putting on the armour of God.

God has a very clear plan for your life, and you will be naturally drawn to activate this life calling from above. This step is the reason why you were created and many people never get to realise this.

You should begin to clearly reap the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Faith without works is dead. We are therefore commanded to act. This is how people in this world will see the light of God at work leading towards glory

Prayer is an essential form of communication with God. You can create prayers that may help others in time of trouble. faith statement.

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