Parables teach us deep spiritual truths through analogies and similarities that allow us to compare, associate and understand through association.

Parable Explanation
1 New cloth on an old coat

Be renewed

2 New wine in old wineskins

Old x New

3 Lamp on a stand

The light of Jesus is to be revealed, not concealed

4 Wise and foolish builders

Build your life on the teachings and example of Jesus

5 Moneylender forgives unequal debts

Express the love that comes from the freedom of having all sins cancelled

6 Rich fool

Avoid greed and store riches in Heaven for nobody knows when their day of judgment will come

7 Watchful Servants

Remain watchful for the return of the Lord. Endure until the end.

8 Wise and foolish servants

Wise vs Foolish

9 Unfruitful fig tree

Be fruitful

10 Sower and four types of soil

The seed of the Word of God grows strongly on good soil (the heart of man)

11 Weeds among good plants

Sow good seeds, the harvest will come at the end of age.

12 Growing seed

The Kingdom of God grows even whilst you sleep

13 Mustard seed

A little faith can goes a long way

14 Yeast

The Kingdom of God grows from small beginnings

15 Hidden treasure

Chose the greater treasure of the Kingdom of God instead of the Worldly desires of the flesh.

16 Valuable pearl

The Kingdom of God is more valuable than all that you have now.

17 Fishing Net

Angels will separate the righteous from the wicked on judgment day

18 Householder

God's Word is eternal. Let the Spirit guide us.

19 Lost sheep

The Shepherd seeks goes after the one lost sheep that has faith

20 The sheep, gate, and shepherd

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life

21 Master and Servant

Even the greatest servants have only just done their duty towards God

22 Unforgiving servant

Forgive 70 x 7

23 Good Samaritan

Love your neighbour as you love yourself

24 Friend in need

Pray without ceasing

25 Lowest seat at the feast

The proud will be humiliated

26 Great Banquet

Be ready for God

27 Cost of discipleship

Put God first and above all. Everything else is secondary.

28 Lost coin

Angels of God rejoice over one sinner repenting

29 Prodigal Son

Divine love, grace and mercy trumps law, merit and reward

30 Shrewd manager

You cannot serve two masters. Serve God with your money.

31 Rich man and Lazarus

Prepare yourself for the afterlife

32 Workers in the vineyard

Eleventh-hour workers are, by grace, equally welcomed

33 Persistent widow and unjust judge

Pray and never give up

34 Pharisee and tax collector

He who humbles himself will be exalted

35 Two Sons

Actions are worth more than words

36 Wicked Husbandmen

Jesus is our rock

37 Wedding Feast

Those that are humble here will be exalted in Heaven and the exalted here will be humbled.

38 Budding fig tree

The Kingdom of God is at hand

39 Wise and foolish virgins

Be prepared for the Day of Judgment

40 Sheep and goats

The blessed followers will inherit the Kingdom and eternal life. The cursed will perish.

41 Two debtors

Express the love that comes from the freedom of having all sins cancelled

42 The vine and the branches

Be fruitful through God or bring destruction upon yourself