Paths guide to Bible-based self-improvement by focusing away from evil traits towards holiness via the Word of God.
From Via To
Adversity > God's Love > Peace > Joy Adversity God's love, Peace Joy
Bondage > Freedom Bondage Freedom
Carnality > Repentance > Holy Spirit > Spirituality Carnality Repentance, Holy Spirit Spirituality
Complaining > Prayer Complaining Prayer
Crucifixion > Death > Resurrection > Second coming Crucifixion Death, Resurrection of Christ Second coming
Cursing > Prayer Prayer
Darkness > Let > Light > Shine Darkness Let, Light Shine
Darkness > Mind Renewal > Word of God > Light Darkness Mind renewal, Word of God Light
Death Spiritual death
Death > Jesus > Eternal Life Death Jesus Eternal life
Doubt > Regeneration > Worship Doubt Regeneration Worship
Envy > Kindness Envy Kindness
Evil > Repentance > Wisdom > Good Evil Repentance, Wisdom Good
Evil Spirits > Holy Spirit Evil Spirits Holy Spirit
Faith > Hope > Love Faith Hope Love
Faith > Works Faith Works
Fear > Faith Fear Faith
Flesh > Holy Spirit Flesh Holy Spirit
Give your heart > God > Delight > Gods Ways Give your heart to God God, Delight Satan
Going your own way > Seek first the Kingdom of God > Delight is Gods Ways Going your own way Seek first the Kingdom of God Delight in His ways
Greed > Charity Greed Charity
Hate > Love Hate Love
Jesus > Way > Truth > Life Jesus Way, Truth Life
Let > Light > Shine Let Light Shine
Lust > Chastity Lust Chastity
Perish > Grace > Faith > Salvation Perish Grace, Faith Salvation
Pride > Humility Pride Humility
Punishment > Grace Punishment Grace
Repentance > Believe > Gospel > The Kingdom of God Repentance Believe, Gospel The Kingdom of God
Resisting God > Restoration > Submitting to God Resisting God Restoration Submit to God
Satanism > Christianity Satanism Christianity
Scared > Confidence Scared Confidence
Seek > Heaven Seek Heaven
Self-Centeredness > Lead by God Self-Centeredness Give yourself to God
Sin > Hell > Torment > Death Sin Hell, Torment Death
Sin > Occult > Satanism > Satan Sin Occult, Satanism Satan
Sin > Punishment > Fear > Death Sin Punishment, Fear Death
Sin > Repentance > Jesus > Rebirth > Baptism > Salvation Sin Repentance, Jesus Salvation
Sin > Separation from God Sin Separation from God
Sin > Wisdom Sin Wisdom
Slothfulness > Diligence Slothfulness Diligence
Sow > Reap Sow Reap